Sacred Frequencies

by sage nebulous

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Hello loves. With every project comes some words to live by from sage. Since my last project last year, a lot has changed. But let me first say thank you for being here. I've been reaching more ears all over the world recently and I am beyond ecstatic. Around the time of December last year, a lot changed for me. I remember who I was. Like a sleeping baby for my entire life I've lived with a cloud over my head not fully enjoying life. I could never put my finger on it. But then it all changed.

I remember who I was and why I am here. Trying to figure out why you dont fit in with society's standards is a perplexing ordeal that can last many people a life time. For me, its realizing that I am a starseed incarnated into this planet to help raise the vibrations of the Earth (Gaia) and move us into a different phase of life. One in which we can truly understand the essence of our beings.

We are immortal souls incarnating on this planet for a human experience. We are born thinking there is an end to us. Thinking that we can be broken, battered and bruised. Thinking that we can die. Thinking that we are the flesh that we use daily. That was me my entire life until I awaked and remembered it all.

I chose to come here to experience what it would be like to have the limited frequency of a third dimensional being. As you start to put the pieces of the puzzle together, you slowly awaken to your true self. How marvelous it is to believe that you can actually die.

I now appreciate this limited perspective because it has allowed me to fully appreciate everything that we are. Even as enlightened beings we can often take life for granted. Knowing you are immortal makes your awareness reach levels of consciousness that may seem unfathomable to the average Earth human.

Free your minds my friends. Remember who you are. Remember why you are here. Are you really here to work a job and become apart of the system? Or are you also here to help spread love and raise the consciousness of the planet. All it takes is an open mind and a simple question.

Regardless of your path, I will aid you in what I call, sacred frequencies.

- sage

Album Credits:
Artwork by ArtofWarStudios


released July 28, 2015



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sage nebulous Chicago, Illinois

Pleiadian light bringer.
Free your mind.

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